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Five Life Lessons From a Passport Agent

  In celebration of working for a passport processing facility for a full year now, I’ve put together a few things I’ve learned over the last months. Working for a passport office is great because it’s the first step to any international adventure! I get to be one of the first people to interact with someone before they become a world…

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Dear Daddy (An Open Letter to an Estranged Father)

An Open Letter to my father that was never there: Dear Daddy, Or really should I say Dad? Or Father? Or maybe Stranger is the proper title. But how can you really be a stranger when I have photos of me with you. Today is hard for me, just as it is every year since you’ve been gone. Every wedding…

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Why Love is Chaos

I’ve found my love life to always be in total chaos, ever since I got my first crush in the third grade. I was always a little boy crazy but was restricted in acting on it because my mother had a “No Dating Until You’re 16” rule she tried to strictly uphold. Yet, by 15 and 1/2 when I got…

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Cultural Phenomenon: From Men to Boys

    Taking a ride on a big jet plane on my way across the pond over the England, I found I was too awake to sleep. Luckily it was one of those Boeing aircrafts that offer movies, TV shows, and music to nurse your need to entertainment on a rather draining 8+ hours on-board. Scrolling through the listings, I…

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Istanbul Twilight (Part III)

  ———————————————————————————–///———————————————————————————– Skipped a Part? Click here for Part I » Click here for Part II » ———————————————————————————–///———————————————————————————– It was storming in Istanbul when I got back. I mean, raining cats and dogs kind of storming. Flights were being delayed. And I was super thankful my driver from the airport was able to drop me off at the doorsteps of my hostel,…

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