Most of us have heard about the Seven World Wonders. But did you know there are SEVERAL lists?

But what makes a site a world wonder? First, it has to be a landmark that is truly spectacular. A remarkable creation that would make any onlooker feel a sense of wonder.  And to make the 2007 New Seven Wonders list, it had to win the votes of over 100 million voters worldwide.  The new world wonders were brought about with the hope of creating a sense of unity among humanity.

One of my major goals for my twenties is to see each of the sites on that list. Check out each of the world wonders with me as I complete them!

A Little More About The Seven Wonders

Here’s a song by one of greats about seeing the seven world wonders to put you in the mood. 

As you may know, there are the famous seven wonders of the world.  Known as the ancient or original wonders of the world, this list of places included the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and Statue of Zeus at Olympia. These seven wonders are supposedly some of the most exquisite things mankind has ever created since the dawn of civilization. The only remaining ancient world wonder still standing are the Pyramids of Giza.

New7Wonders list was put together in 2007. After seven years of voting world-wide, they made their top seven list of places majority of the populous believed everyone should see. And this has been widely accepted as the current seven wonders of the world list. 

Naturally, Egypt threw a fit that their ancient pyramids would have to compete against landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, so New7Wonders gave the Pyramids of Giza an honorary standing and is known as the eighth world wonder. 


Why the Wanderlust Wonder List?

I do believe the list is a complete and comprehensive insight to the world at large. It shows how humanity has prospered throughout history and what marvels have lived to tell the tale of past generations. There is just something so deeply romantic about it which makes me feel drawn to complete this not so small task.

Now, my plan is to add each historical landmark and world wonder as I complete them! And here you will find the complete list of the modern seven wonders (plus the 1 ancient world wonder). As I visit each site I will tell you their history, how I got there, what I thought, and my tips on how to see it best!

I hope this list inspires you to take in all the wonder the world has to offer. Sometimes we have to see something for ourselves to completely understand it. Experience is the greatest teacher, after all. 

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